Woodbine Condominiums HOA

Your 2021 Woodbine HOA Board of Directors

The below listed Board of Directors have generously volunteered to assist with the management of Woodbine Condominiums.  You may communicate with them by email at woodbinehoaboard@gmail.com or through the Woodbine Management Office at 3601 Gekeler Lane.  The office phone number is 208-463-7657 and the e-mail is woodbine3601@outlook.com.

Also note that per Idaho State Statues (Title 30, Chapter 3, Idaho Non-profit Corporation Act) the Board has elected to have staggered election cycles with a group of officers being up for election every other year rather than all officers being elected or re-elected every year.


Ed Barrett, President

Lorraine Baird, Vice President

David Donnely, Vice President

Barb Hatcher, Treasurer

Dana Sheffield, Secretary

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